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Context Plus EP203 Fire Suppression Control Panel

Automatic Extinguisher Panels / Panel Fire Suppression


Context Plus EP203 Fire Suppression Control Panel adalah panel untuk mengontrol kerja Fire Suppression system, berfungsi sebagai 3 zone konvesional panel alarm kebakaran yang dapat mengontrol aktivasi tabung fire suppression secara otomatis. Sangat cocok digunakan dalam ruang komputer, ruang server,  data center, ruang penyimpanan file, ruang pusat pengendali telekomunikasi, dapur, mesin industri, laboratorium, dll.

Key Features

  • LPCB approved to EN12094 part 1 and EN54 part 2 and 4
  • Function as a standard three zone conventional fire panel with additional circuitry to controlling the release of fire suppressing gas into protected area
  • Unique 128 x 64 pixel graphical display
  • Any combination of activated zone can be programmed
  • Includes a pull down front panel manual release button and two key switches for accessing the panel’s functions
  • Three conventional sounder circuit ( two x 1st stage, one x 2nd stage )
  • Powerful 3A EN54-4 compliant switch mode PSU
  • Wide range of monitored inputs and auxiliary outputs
  • Abort and hold inputs allow the panel’s release sequence to be cancelled or suspended at any time
  • Time stamped event log
  • RS485 connection to up to eight EP210 remote status unit
  • Ideal for use in computer rooms, telecommunication center, archive storage area, etc
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